While we wait…

Old title, same meaning.

Kraut came out what looks to be. Haven’t had a chance to try it cooked yet, but right out of the crock it tasted fine. But anyone wanting some for your own stash, get your order into the Cherry Tree connection and we’ll get you supplied.

With nothing holding me here in WV any longer, there’s no reason I can’t spend the last few years (under 3 currently) before retirement trying to up my cash inflow and subsequent retirement income at another job. I’ve said more than once I committed career suicide taking the job I do, and the rejected job applications that keep rolling in are testament to that fact. A job I’ve held at this agency for almost 11yrs…makes me not qualified to do it for any other agency. Still, I’m applying for jobs in nearly all states east of the Mississippi. My locality selection not going to last, as the western states are looking like another available job market.

Job applications in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee are still out. Other Georgia jobs, much to my disappointment, and my mothers joy, I have already been rejected by the hiring authority. One of the benefits of helping veterans…the VA’s construction arm is shunned by nearly every other .gov construction organization. Even walls seem to be too complicated for VA staff to be hired for.  Once again, career suicide. I have under 3 years to get somewhere else and make my ‘high 3’ for retirement…and time is quickly coming to an end with my incentive to stay passing a long time ago.

So, that is a quick and dirty as to what’s going on right now. October could happen, October couldn’t happen. Right now, no clue.

Read a quote the other day: Don’t blame people for disappointing you. Blame yourself for expecting too much from them. They might not have anything to offer.

With that, everything land wise back home has been put on hold. Most likely permanently. Money is being held interest free by the lawyer. Money I’ll probably use as moving expenses. All paperwork that needs redone after the ‘oh, sorry, it’s not ours to bargain with, we were pulling your leg’ issue that came out that Saturday evening has yet to be restarted. Right now, it’s all pending on me actually wanting to call the true owner.  I really don’t want to. I’m just not sure I want to start this all over again, paying again, especially when I might not even remain local. Might be best to start over somewhere else. Fold it up and file it under lessons learned. Still burning inside. It keeps me warm at night though.

This will be the last post for a while. I’m out of inexpensive options for internet service at the house. Paying $100mo for a service that I only use a few hours a week at best… not worth it. Actually having a cheaper service that has doubled in price over the last year, and doesn’t work most of the time…isn’t worth it either. Having a phone no one calls…not worth it. Time I stop expecting others to do what they tell me they’ll do, stop expecting them to be who they tell me they will be, stop expecting scorpions to not be scorpions or tigers to change their stripes. There never was any benefit for me to remain a fool, and continue thinking the impossible was possible.

Keep in touch with family. If something changes, you’ll hear it from them before you’ll hear it here.


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