Possible game changer

Possible game changer. No more ‘watch the blades’ or keep your fingers out of the belt statements. Genuine Italian Engineering. Supposed to be ‘better’ than century old ‘merican engineering held together by 21st century Millerizing.

We’ll see.

Bargain, one left, summer clearance, 30% off, low shipping, only to church on Sunderdays . All the BS salesmen tell you over the phone, but rarely deliver. But wait, you also get…

We’ll see.

Grifo Motorized Fruit Crusher. All of the above has been written around the globe about this critter. One showed up in my inbox, with the sales criteria above as well. Video’s of the machine running sold me on it. For about 1/2 what the Europeans pay for it. Shipped. So I bought it.

I have to make a stand for it, but this changes the game a little bit.

Again, we’ll see. In a week or so.

The ‘new’ one I built requires small apples, and we just don’t see enough of those. It does excellent with cherries and grapes, but apples of the size we get without cutting them in half…not so much. I’ll work on it, but it’s pretty much dead until I decide to play with it…and that’ll be a while.

So, new kraut cutter last year. New apple grinder this year. Mentally preparing for a hydraulic fruit press powered by the tractor. Kinda like we used to have, but different. Eventually, I’m sure we’ll have an app for it we can use from the comfort of our own home countries and easy chairs.

((shudders…)) Or not. Still things to do in person. Unless someone else wants to do this, we’ll continue in person with both new and old equipment and people. More cider with less work. More kraut with less missing fingertips. Less people with messed up digits like dad and I. Or not.

Date is in flux right now. Still October, but it’s either the 5th, 12th or 19th. Want the 12th to keep it ‘2nd Saturday in October’, but others have things happening they want to attend. Will set the date in a few days. None of the date changes seems to matter to most. Just trying to keep it repeatable and an easy date to remember for us forgetful age folk.

We’ll see.

Until we don’t.


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