…and it’s in the books.

#4 is done.

Except for the few bottles that I’m sure some of you still have on the floor of your car, it’s a wrap.

All cleaned up and stored until next year.

For those that helped: Thank you. The set up, the tear down, the cooking, the cutting, grinding, pressing, bottling, eating, slicing, stomping, laughing….this continues to happen because of you.

If there weren’t smiles in the photos, laughs you could hear across the field, this would have ended after the first one. That we can still get together and enjoy ourselves, especially as friends and sometimes despite being family, it’s a rare and beautiful thing. Maybe not so rare for ‘us’, but we’re used to it.

Photo’s on another page here (click me, I’m a link), but it’s safe to say we had a good time.

And, big news for the next one. I need to make plans now, but ‘this’ could be a bit more interesting than the last one. That’s all I’ll say at this point, but it’s not all the same news I’d hoped to announce this year. That might still happen. No cliff hangers, but something might happen AT the next one.

Anyway, few photo’s to tide you through until next year.


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