Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The king has decreed:


Not this year, folks. Not this year.

TPTB (the power that be) cancelled this one.

They come off as kings and queens, and so many have bowed down for them they feel they’re correct in their decisions regarding your life and ‘safety’.

For something that’s MUCH less than a yearly flu, they took a year from your lives as the ‘cost’ of doing business.

You put on your masks, you stayed home at the cost of your lives, your jobs, your financial independence, your future. And they lapped it up like a kingdom taxing it’s serfs at 50% of your yearly crop. And you let them. You’re STILL letting them.

It’s a miracle they didn’t call prima nocta…half of you would have willingly stripped bare and taken it.

I can’t in good conscience bring this to PA this year. No telling which police will show up and confiscate half of what we make…for the good of the king.

We’ll try again when the king is in jail for the murders he knowingly helped commit and the gender-bending freak is in there right along with him.

If you need kraut, let me know. I have lots.

Just don’t tell the king…he’ll want your his share.


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